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Security is essential for any business. The more secure your company, the better off you will be in the long run. Here are five security tips to help grow your company and keep it safe.

1) Password Management:

Out of all the security measures, password management is one of the most important. Create a solid password policy, and enforce it to your employees. Make sure that they do not reuse the same passwords for multiple applications or websites. Always makes sure that you are using long, complex passwords. Use passphrases instead of single words as passwords. Passphrases are harder to guess and not as prone to brute force attacks.

2) Patch Management:

If you do not have a patch management policy already, you need to build one. Ensure that all users in your company know when patches come out for software installed on their computers and servers. This reduces the chances of hackers running an exploit on your network.

3) Encryption:

This is one step that many business owners overlook, but it can be one of the essential steps to protect your company’s data. Ensure all sensitive files are encrypted before they are saved and stored offsite in the cloud or on local servers/drives. Encryption will prevent anyone without access to the decryption keys from accessing your data.

4) Insider Threats:

It’s important to know if one of your employees has malicious intentions, especially those with elevated privileges in the company. They could use this to their advantage and potentially destroy or steal any sensitive data they encounter while performing their job duties. Be sure to implement controls over watch lists and activity monitors in your network.

5) Mobile Security:

This is another security measure that many companies overlook. Mobile devices and laptops are often overlooked when securing them from potential users. If a device gets lost or stolen, all of your data is now in the hands of a malicious person.

In conclusion, having a solid security policy in place will help grow your business. If you follow these steps, you can help prevent attacks and keep sensitive data out of the wrong hands.